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Hey everyone!

 This blog is dedicated to my 2 favorite teams… who happen to be playing each other in the Championships…awkard! lol

So here is a song for both of my teams ❤ and which ever team wins,and goes to Indy, Please represent the East coast well!

(Which I know you will)

^^OLD OLD Picture (im on the right..it was sports day at work lol.. Im rocking my Brady Jersey)

The Ravens (Maryland is my home<3) and the Patriots (Maine is the home to much of my family, and I do some work in Boston..I was 100% Patriots until last yr…but there is more about that under Ravens 🙂 check it out!

But please read the posts on this page. I love both teams, so I said nothing but good things…. The game is not going to be easy to watch!!

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<3Heather Lynn