Hey there! 😉

Yeah… So, I know I mentioned that I probably wasnt going to be able to write much about hockey (due to timing) lol…Plus, If you follow me on twitter during a Bruins’d get much more entertainment than a blog post lol So If you don’t follow me… you should 😉 @aModelsMemo4u

Later today…I will post my first hockey post. Why?! BECAUSE I HAVE A LOT ON MY MIND about the play off games with the Bruins vs Caps,that I need to share 😀

Esp. After hearing some of the stupid things the reporters were saying about the Bruins (I live in MD,so I hear things from the Caps end)

Some were seriously surprized that the Bruins were rough. Really?! Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian,So I understand haha..

 but its Hockey. Not Toddlers n Tiaras.Just saying.

lol Im going to end this now before I really get into it! …want to save it for later 😉

Just wanted to give a heads up though!

Thank you ❤

Heather Lynn

PS: This photo was taken at 12:42am lol (after the game).. I wrote those posts 4 hours around 8:40pm..

I was on point. and those were just a couple things I called before it happened 😉

See…I know my stuff haha. (More regarding the post on the right haha)