Patriots VS. Dolphins…. and ….the Ravens VS. the Browns..
In the past, I would have laughed, if I heard that the Pats and Dolphins are playing this weekend, b/c the Dolphins haven’t had the best of luck in years! (Until now!)
BUT.. Im hoping my baby, Mr. Tom Brady will be on point today…b/c the Dolphins have 1 valuble player for the Pat’s defense to watch out for…Reggie Bush.
The Patriots do have another advantage,they are playing at home! I am in Maine right now,and it is snowy & cold (YAY!),I’m not sure if its the same in MA,but I do know its mighty cold there!! But the Patriots are used to it, you think the Dolphins are?!
They are used to practicing (and playing home games) in a location where 70*degrees is considered cold! Hopefully, this advantage will make Reggie Bush & the Dolphins whole offensive line….weaker. Putting the Pat’s defense, in less danger..Let’s cross our fingers!
I’m not going to lie,I’m alittle nervous about this game. But I have faith in my Patriots<3  If the Pats loose to the Dolphins,I will cry lol…
Then there is the Ravens VS. Browns…
Last year, I was at the game promoting for the Ravens (What time is it?! GAME TIME!Baltimore GET UP! 😉 ::shout out::haha).
And I will say, The Ravens have an extremely dedicated and loyal fan base.
I live in the middle of D.C. and Bmore, so I see Ravens fans & Redskins fans EVERYWHERE! I see more Redskins fans than Raven’s in my particular area though 😦
But, all I need to do is drive 20min. away towards Columbia..Annapolis,and anywhere near Bmore…And thats Raven’s Domain 100% lol. I’ve even passed by a hair salon in Glen Burnie saying,” We sell Purple Hair extensions! Go Ravens!” haha. It really is awesome.
All of this will give the Ravens an advantage today, being their territory. They haven’t had the best track record while playing at away games…
With the love and support of all the Purple Fans, Ray Rice rockin that field like the Tazmainian devil, and our AMAZING,strong,(and huge lol) defense…I can say.. We got this! So…Baltimore,GET UP! IT’s GAME TIME!!!…::in an hour haha::
Now, If both my teams win today…then there may be an issue,which I will get more into,only if it gets to that point haha.
Until then, Everyone have a fantastic holiday! And thank you for checking in 😉
And lets get ready for some Football!!
❤ Heather Lynn
PS: I really need to get some photo’s of me in my ❤ Brady Jersey haha..I will be doing that asap!
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