Hey everyone!

So.. I dont even know where to start lol. Except for the fact that I am about to go on a mild rant before I start talking about the game… Just warning you.

1) Ive been determined to get to Indy to watch this game for over a month! Entered every contest, applied to every promotional job, and sent out castings for modeling gigs for the SB(yes.. they have those lol).

If your thinking… Why wouldnt she just buy a ticket?! UMM well, I’d be lucky if I could fill my gas tank right now.. Let alone afford a ticket to the epic game! So yes, I was..and still am 100% willing to work while im at the game, just being in the atmosphere…and surrounded by everyone wanting the same thing… their team to win!

Ok..Rant #1 over.. Now on to #2…

I am sooo tired of people talking negatively about Brady!! Because if you take away his amazing looks, and focus on everything else, He is the #1 QB in the league, he has set numerous records, been to 4 superbowls and won 3 of them..Basically, hes wicked good at his job, which is playing QB for the NFL…

Now boys, think back to when you were younger… How many of you said something along the lines of ” I want to be a professional athlete”.. It’s only in a guys nature to be the best of the best in a challenge too… So deep down, you wanted to be “the BEST professional Athlete”. Notice how I didnt say football…I’m talking any sport. Now that I got that over with, add the fact that he IS gorgeous, has the perfect career, a beautiful wife (thats were im jealous.errr lol), and he is defintely secure in the money department.. It reeks of jealously… Especially when its him and the Patriots up against the team your rooting for!!

I hear all these players from all over talking down on other players, not just Brady.. to me, thats very unprofessional.

I’ve never heard Brady talk badly about one specific player or team. In fact, even after a team talks poorly of him, he still has respect. He stays positive about the other team,and will admit when they are good,and that the Pat’s are going to be up for a challenge. To me, thats a MAN.

So, if your a Giants fan, thats fine. If your a a fan of any other team that you wanted in the Superbowl, im sorry your team didnt make it this year..There is always next year. But you dont need to stand there and talk soo much trash about a guy you dont even know!!

I was at the bar on Saturday night, and I wore my Patriots jersey, of course.. a Brady jersey.

I live in Maryland, so I am not surrounded by other Patriots fans. When I walked into the bar, I noticed a lot of Giants clothing… Which I find quite weird because It’s usually the Redskins fans at that bar..Hmm…. Some food for thought..

haha to make it worse, I was sitting with my friend, and I noticed some guy with a Giants sweatshirt on maybe 7 ft. away from me…Pacing back and forth,making some weird moves, i dont know.. it was weird! Then, I suddenly see his friends kind of jerk him and said ” just go man!”…

Thats when I thought in my head ” Oh great.. here we go….” lol. He approaches me and said ” Are you ready to loose on sunday?”… I said” Um, Im not playing anything on Sunday… so no, Im not ready to loose… If your talking about the game, then I am ready to watch the Patriots beat that team your wearing”

THEN, he asked the typical question that will piss off any girl who really is a fan…

” Your not really a Patriots fan, you just think Brady is cute. OR You just like wearing the pink and white jersey…” OOOOKKK!!

#1) I wouldn’t spend money on a Jersey, if I wasn’t a fan. and I sure as hell wouldnt wear it at a sports bar, and dont live in NE..In fact, I live in the middle of DC and Baltimore, almost to the mile. So one bar is all about the Ravens, the others… All about the Redskins.

Do you honestly think I would wear my Pat’s jersey at either bar if I wasn’t a true fan? Seriously….

#2) Hell yeah I love my white and pink Brady jersey!!! And proud of it… Football is known as a “Mans” sport…thank goodness they made something for the female fans to wear, to feel more feminine!

(lol this was 2008?? I think? …but thats my awesome white and pink jersey)

Anyways… after he asked me those stupid questions, He was trying to talk to me about the game, thinking I wouldn’t know what he was saying…If you know me, then you know I dont like it when people legit think im stupid. Yes, I do have my *Heather Moments*, and I own them! lol But there is a difference between those,and me being stupid. Which I am not! So, I had a few words with him…which actually started to show him that I knew what I was talking about. Once I did that, he got silent…and walked away.. HAHAHAA. 


In the end… Boys and Girls, it’s a game for us, and a career for the players. They are not at war, the teams and followers are not all seperate “gangs” all trying to hurt each other… It’s a team of players who were given the amazing opportunity to pursue their passion..

I mean,yes, it is still a challenge- so the players have a right to be very competitive and maybe sometimes they get into fights.. But let them do their thing. We,as fans….are there to support our teams. Not hate on the players of other teams…

Just saying..

::Words of wisdom from a female:: hahaha

OKAYY! NEXT POST: My thoughts on the SUPERBOWL! And WHY I think they will win =)