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When I think of the Baltimore Ravens, I think of NICE Big teddy bears off the field..But then they step on that field,and they are Beasts!

I am mainly talking about their amazing defense..But can not forget to add Ray Rice into that category as well!

I am going to be completely honest on here lol. Before LAST season,I was 100% Patriots fan. Then, I was given an opportunity to work with Baltimore GET UP,a promo group. We go out and mingle with the tailgators, take photo’s with them, pass out BmoreGETUP gear,etc.. During the game, we go to the local sponsored bars and do the same.

It was at that point were I noticed how huge and loyal the Ravens fan base were! Well, that and the fact that in Baltimore, they have ambulance,and caps that are purple,dedicated to the Ravens.

As the season went on, I started to follow the team more and more…This season, I have literally been split in half between the Ravens and Pat’s..

But,more about that in the Championship blog =)

Anyways, back to the team… The one player I really feel bad for is Flacco, their QB. When you think about it,when a team looses in Football, who do they blame?? The QB! And for some reason, Flacco takes a hit regardless. Luckily his team mates are there to support him,and reassure him that when they loose a game, it’s not Flacco playing by himself, its a team effort…Ray Lewis said something along those lines to him.

Flacco, here is to remind you that you are where you are for a reason. Your a good QB!

Yes, Flacco is very lucky to have such a tight team,and they all work so well together,very strong…But what he needs to remember is… Let the haters hate!! B/c if he wasn’t that great…the Ravens wouldn’t be where they are right now. But they also wouldn’t be where they are if Ray rice,Ray Lewis,Suggs…and all the others weren’t on the team. The Ravens are a package deal, a Unit, and with that being said, they deserve to be standing right next to the Patriots, fighting for that SuperBowl title.

Most impressive player on the team? Definitely Ray Rice. He reminds me of the Tazmanian devil lol. When he catches that ball… he runs so fast to score that touchdown! Not to mention, he literally dives into a group of football players (sometimes still making it out,with the ball),which is impressive lol. But it also scares me. Remember, I am still a girl, a nurturer lol. When I see him get piled on by 6-7 huge men, I always scrunch up and hope he isn’t hurt! Maybe its the fact that he is small compared to other football players, or the fact that the Ravens NEED him to score those TD’s…

Most Influencial? 100% Ray Lewis. If your a Ravens fan, you know this. He pumps that team up, he is there for his players (Like I mentioned before with Flacco), he even pumps up the fans in the stands at home games! Not to mention…he has his awesome dance 😛 lol.

Yeah, I love how he basically taps the players with his fingers…and they fall over hahah

Another thing I’ve noticed about the Ravens, is we have to be Territorial,even through out the state of MD! The Redskins are literally in the middle of Maryland,in Washington DC, then up north,near the border of PA… we have squeelers fans! Luckily, Purple Pride is spread through out MD! We even have purple fridays! Everyone wears purple/their jerseys to represent and syou upport RavensNation!

aww! The two Rays, having some fun while kicking the Redskins butts 🙂

With that being said, are you superized that they do extremely well at home games?!  It’s the fans that keep the players pumped up and motivated, there are thousands of people cheering for them in those stands. Teams do not want to let their fans down. They have won a few times on the road, but like Ray lewis said, One of the hardest things to do in the NFL is play away from home. That is 100% understandable!

All I know, is that their defense is NOT a defense I would mess with, or challenge. They will hunt you down and pound you out! They are HUGE! Which is a good thing of course :-).

Boys, in my eyes…. you are all already Champions. No matter what happens next weekend, the season you all played,was extremely amazing..You all are Relentless 😉

But dont take offense when I say I will not be wearing Purple or black during the game! I wont be wearing the Pat’s colors either! Why? B/c I dont want to Jinx you! My dad told me that trick, and the one day I did rock my Ray Lewis jersey, the Ravens lost :-/..When I dont wear the jersey, the Ravens win!

So I 100% have purple pride, and I “bleed” purple, but for your best interest,ill wear green or something haha.

And to those reading, thank you 🙂 If you all were expecting stat’s and all that….sorry. lol, thats what ESPN is for 😛 . I hate talking numbers….boring… All that is important, is that the Ravens are a solid team,an amazing team, and gives the word “Pride” a whole new meaning.

Make sure you check out the championship page.. eeeek!

And I will also have a blog up soon with the top 10 hottest NFL players =) woot woot! lol.

❤ Heather Lynn