If you know me… then you know that Tom Brady is my baby<3 lol. Not to mention,the most talented AND sexy QB ever. He has broken many records this season, but the most impressive record…atleast in my eyes, was during the play off’s against the Bronco’s.

I know from personal experience that New Englanders do not take BS from people, and they have they’re own ways of showing that (my family lives in Maine lol). Brady was probably so annoyed with everyone going crazy over  TEBOWMANIA! ..But weren’t we all? YESS.

So, instead of getting a media circus surrounding him, Brady went on that field and CRUSHED the Broncos aka Tebow IN THE FIRST HALF!!! With 5 touch downs! The Patriots have not had the best luck doing well during the first half of their games. But at half time, Brady says what needs to be said,and they rock that field…

But I don’t think Brady waited until half time for that speech haha. He wanted to make it known who is boss… and he sure did.

The game ended 45-10.. Tebow can’t even feel good about the game! So, I think Tebow should T-BOW down to Brady and apologize for all the hype..

Did anyone else notice at the end, the camera’s were focusing on both Tim and Tom, hoping they would reunite,and confront each other.. Even the 2 QB’s were looking around, to see if they were close to each other haha.. But Brady got distracted by the media, and Tebow went crying in the locker room. Oh well!

This picture,I took with my phone haha. This is most likely the time when everything was sinking in to Brady’s brain..Patriots and Bronco’s game!

Through out the season, the Patriots were known for 3 things…

1) TOM BRADY & The GRONK! lol 2) Their amazing offense 3) their not so good Defense..

But they were able to step it up 120% in the game vs. the Broncos.

I think it’s all determination. Between the defense wanting to prove everyone else wrong, Brady wanting to get to the Superbowl to be reunited with Manning, and of course… Tebow,don’t need to say much after that lol.

I mean,if I were Brady… I’d want to show him who’s boss …just like he did to Tebow!

Belichick is a very smart coach who is lucky to have Brady by his side. They are smart about their plays,and they prepare  for the game by analyzing the team they are going to play, and how they can beat them.

Plus, Having Gronkowski and Hernendez is a plus 10x!

I mean, look how big his hands are! Most amazing catch EVER!

Another one of my FAVORITE GRONK moments,was Pats VS. Redskins.. Watching this clip gets me so “Hyped” for the 2012 season!

Gronk not letting 2 redskins players take him down! EPIC! (That is a video)

I think the reason why I feel they have been slacking in the first half,then kicking the crap out of the team in the 2nd. They would be following their plans, but after playing for a little bit, then they realize their plans were not 100% accurate. Thats when Brady takes over at half time and preps the team.. pointing out the other teams strengths and weakness’. From there, they come up with a better plan, and it works!!! But again, personal opinion lol, not sure if its true or not!

On christmas eve, I was actually in Maine visiting my family, so of course we watched the Patriots play the Dolphins. And I will be honest, I wanted to turn the Ravens game on by half time! (Even though I couldn’t because they didn’t show the game there, but thank you twitter, because of you, I am able to stay updated,literally every second of the game! hehe)

The Dolphins scored 3 touchdowns in the 1st half! How many did the Patriots score? ZERO! I was so worried, if the Pat’s lost to the Dolphins, I would have cried…literally lol. Even though I will say, I was very impressed with the Dolphins, they played a very very good game!!

Here is a prime example of how the Pat’s can come back,and come back strong!!

But it was right before that game.. that I said that the Ravens and Pat’s would end up playing each other in the end….

Luckily, that is what my next post is about =)

I don’t want to dwell on the past so much, I want to focus on the future.. next weekend!!

Also, I will be making a list of the top 10 hottest NFL players in the league :-)..coming soon!

..I am still a girl ya know! hehe.

❤ Heather Lynn