So..I have some awesome news<3*

I have been wanting to get into sports writing for a while now. I feel that my writing is different and unique in the sports world lol.  wants me to write for them =) WHAT! yay! hehe.

It’s new, and they are getting it up and running, there are some posts already though! They have a Facebook Fan page (that they havent really used yet…you should stop by and “like” their page! show them some love 😉

But they are up to date on their twitter account @GetrealFootball =)


They also have that they just started successfully this year,and has become quite successful,with many followers!

They do have a Twitter that they keep up to date … @GetrealHockey

I already know that GetrealFootball will become quite popular as the season approaches! And I am so excited! =)

I’ll keep people posted on here =) maybe post a couple of things I write… but I’d rather you read it on the website 😉 ehehe.

You can follow me on twitter at @aModelsmemo4u

and My fan page on FB is =)

Thank you!

<3Heather Lynn

PS: BRUINS VS. CAPS TOMORROW NIGHT!! AHHH! round #3…. I can already smell the intensity…and can already feel the panic attacks! haaha… But thats what Hockey is all about!! =)