Hey everyone…

So, it is now getting closer to the day that I was hoping would NOT happen lol. Watching my 2 teams play each other for the chance to be in the Superbowl is not going to be pretty.

The Pat’s and the Ravens have been the 2 best teams in the league and 100% deserve to be where they are today. If you disagree…then I apologize,I don’t care =)

Both the Pat’s and the Ravens have major advantages and disadvantages for the game this weekend… But both teams also want this win more than anything,and will do ANYTHING to get it. They are two completely different teams, The Pat’s are known for their offense , besides Brady. And the Ravens are known for their Defense,besides Ray Rice..One teams strength is another’s “weakness”..Although, Last weekend against the Bronco’s, we saw a whole new team with the Pat’s. Instead of slacking in the beginning,then coming back after half time and kicking butt… They rocked that field the whole time! In fact, they gained a new record for scoring 5 touchdowns in the FIRST half! Not even the 2nd..the FIRST!Lol.

That is what determination looks like. There was so much hype with Tebow… Yes, he is a good QB, but the reason he became so popular, so fast..has to do with his beliefs..not so much his game. Everyone was either following Tebow b/c he is so open with his faith and the way he was with his team…”TEBOWMANIA”.

My Baby Brady, was determined to not only put on a show for Mr. Tebow, but to show him that he is still the best QB in the NFL… No miracle for Tebow was going to stand in Brady’s way… And of course, NE did what they do best, and that is to slap it in the opponents face for doubting them.

Now, for the upcoming game, we are going to have some problems lol. It’s going to be a very rough game,as well as a close game.

Put the 2 best football teams on a field, fighting for a championship title and trip to Indy… It’s going to be a bunch of boys, with high testosterone, and one ball. You all saw the big brawl at the Pats vs Broncos game correct?(if not,look under the pat’s tab on my blog lol)

I just hope that the Ravens and Pat’s do not get that far. In fact, Brady even said that the Ravens were the best team they played and Ray Lewis had positive things to say about the Pat’s and Brady. For the most part, neither team is “hating” on each other. I think this game is going to be strictly business, getting that win.

Now, back to determination… The Patriots want this win so bad for a couple of reasons…

1) Brady vs. Manning. They both want a chance to meet on that field again. It’s a rivalry I would not want to be involved with! 2)Brady wants to get to the Superbowl again for the 5th time,and receive his 4th Superbowl win. As of now,he is 3-4 in the Superbowl. He’s hungry for more! 3) If the Patriots win the game this weekend, this would tie Joe Montana and Brady as QB with most wins,in NFL history..If they win the Superbowl, He would be making history in the NFL…some more lol.

When determination sets in on a team, they fight the fight until the end, and they get what they want.

Flipping sides to the Ravens.. The ones bleeding Purple want this so bad as well. One reason? To prove to everyone that they can do it. Like I mentioned in their recap page, Baltimore is surrounded by the Washington Redskins and the Squeelers..talk about territorial issues! I live 45min away from Baltimore, and I live in MD…But when I walk outside,it’s all redskins fans. If I drive 20 min away,towards Bmore, I walk into a Giant and its painted purple!! 2nd reason? Sugg’s hates Brady…. Sugg’s is a beast. When he wants it,he gets it…He wants Brady down,he will do it. 3rd reason? With Ray Lewis retiring, he wants his last season to be a season that he will never forget…by winning the Superbowl. And the 4th, Flacco and his team backing him up,want to show the haters that they can do it… they are relentless!

Both teams also have their personal reasons for needing to be in the Superbowl with specific teams…

Ravens VS. the 49ers … How Awkward right?! John and Jim Harbaugh’s, are brothers…They are also both the Head coaches for each team.. sibling Rivalry! eeek!

Patriots VS. Giants..Like I mentioned before… Brady VS. Manning. Need I say more?

When It comes down to it, The Patriots are a strong team,and a smart team. They break down the other teams plays,and work with that throughout the week before the game to prepare. They also know how to step it up times 100! Like they did with the Broncos.

The Ravens are an intense team, with huge players. Strong and are ready to win. One disadvantage, they are not playing home. But, I know there will be a lot of Ravens fans there that day!!!

A while ago, I was asked by many, who I’d root for if it came down to the Ravens and the Pat’s. I said both,I love both teams, why would I stop now? Either way, we will have an excellent team representing the East Coast at the Superbowl. Both teams are already Champions.

But then I thought about it, I was born and Raised in Maryland, Although a lot of me is in NE…

I have a feeling the Patriots will walk away with the win.. But they won’t walk away with it easily. It’s going to be a hard fight to the finish. It’s probably going to be one of the best games I’ve ever seen,and it will be super close.

I wish both teams the best of luck, you both deserve it. ❤

PS: Photo’s were taken from both the Baltimore Ravens offical FB fan page as well as the Patriots offical fan page… (except for mine!)

❤ Heather Lynn

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