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I love how I’m waiting until the middle of the night before the game to write this, sorry! I had a deadline for a column due, and a few other projects :-/

Anyhoot! Who is ready for the most epic game EVER?!

I was soo determined to go to the game in Indy, I tried everything! I was almost $2,000! Do you know what I could do with that money?!

lol dont get me wrong, I am incredibly sad that I am not there…

And I can 100% say that when I go to the bar tomorrow, I will be one of the only ones rooting for Pat’s lol..

Living where I live, is very unpredictable lol. One street is a Ravens bar, the other is A Redskins bar..That is Maryland for you…. So when I walk into this bar, I bet you I will see many “Giants” fans (who are really not Giants fans, they are just mad at the Pat’s), or I will see Ravens Jerseys, Redskins jerseys… and the best of all, the Steelers jerseys haha.. they would get kicked out asap.

Anyway..who do you think is going to win…

I need to try to make this quick and to the point because I need sleep! lol.

New England Patriots vs. New York Giants… 2012

All the giants fans have been arguing with me, saying ” NY beat them in 2007, and beat them in the beginning of the season,so we are going to win….blah blah blah”

If you havent noticed yet, I don’t deal with stats….I go by what I watch….and common sense.

1) In 2007, NE was walking into the Superbowl undefeated.. Now let’s think realistically here… When someone wins any game,all season…then get to the championship, what do you think is going on in his head?

” Pshhh.. I got this..It’s going to be an easy game!” ..I think the Pat’s may have had that attitude going into that game.. So, maybe they didn’t work so hard at the practices before hand too… who knows.

What I do know, is the Patriots are not going into this game with that mind-set. And they have a different team. This team has had their ups and downs this season. Luckily, Belichick and Brady are super smart, and they learn from their mistakes…quickly too.

2) With that being said, to those of you who were bragging about how NY beat NE earlier in the season…. I feel that is a good thing for the Pats…Why? Well.. since they have each played each other with their new teams, the Pat’s know NY’s strengths and weakness’… I am quite sure that they have been watching all of the NY games since they played, to study and analyze each of their plays,and figure out what they are going to try on NE again..

This is why the Pat’s are where they are..They think before they act. When you act to fast, your bound to make a mistake.

All the Brady haters out there A) Have NO reason to hate him..Most don’t know him, most hate him because he is the reason their team is NOT in the Superbowl..Ive even heard some say that they don’t like him because he whines? Seriously people?

I read an article today on Bleacher Report, and the headline was something about “which QB is the bigger baby”(or something like that)… I read Brady’s part. They brought up a time when another player literally grabbed his mask, and tried to rip it off… So, he looked right at the refs. to do something.. Excuse me, but if someone did that to me, I’d do more than just get the refs. involved.. It’s standing up for yourself! AND THAT IS ILLEGAL TO DO ANYWAY! If it was any other player, people wouldn’t comment on it…

These players are normal people.. They are not super heroes, they are men playing a competitive game, with rules.

This is a game that every NE and NY fan has been waiting for… It’s also the same game that the QB’s have been waiting  for!

“Stat” wise…Eli is actually not far behind Brady… But Brady is going into this game, knowing that.

The one thing I’ve been trying to say through out this whole blog..is that Brady is determined as hell to get the SuperBowl ring! Brady and Belichick have had TWO weeks to prepare for this game… TWO weeks of analyzing every move the Giants have made in the past…

Yes, NY has a good Defense…. BUT. The Pat’s have the best offense, and their other secret weapon besides Brady.. the GRONKSTER! It does worry me that he has had an injury, big time. Yes, they said he will play, but if you have had a sprain before, it will start to get better…and 1 wrong move,and its done… Luckily, Welker and Hernendez are also part of this fantastic 4..

I also have a feeling that NY will be focusing on 2 things… Brady and Gronk. why? B/c those are their 2 biggest threats.. Since the Pat’s are sneaky sneaky.. I have a feeling that Brady will be using Welker and Hernandez a lot more than people expect. Hernandez is fast,and good..He just needs to catch the ball and run like Forest gump and SCOREEE! Brady also needs to make sure that Gronk is well enough, so when Brady sees an amazing opportunity, the Gronkster will be able to take care of business without getting hurt. Doing this, will also mess with Mannings head!

So, even though Ill be the only one at the bar rooting for the Pat’s… While they are saying “booooo”… Ill be on the table jumping up and down.

The Patriots are in this game to win it 100%. Brady is going to pull off another game like he did with the Broncos…Why? Determination! There has been so much talk about Eli Manning being the best QB right now..

PSSHHHH… what planet to they live on?!  He may not be far behind him… But Brady is Brady. He will be one of those players that will go down in the history books forever.

I have a feeling that Eli and NY are walking into this game today, the same way the Pat’s did the last time they were in the superbowl…cocky.

This gives the Pat’s an advantage. They also want to show NY that NE is the best…and they are tired of hearing otherwise!

So, just a quick recap..

1) Yes, NY beat NE in the beginning of the season and the last Superbowl they were in… ::yippie!:: (not)

BUT the Pat’s learn from their mistakes, typically by half time, then they really start kicking ass.

2) The Pat’s have an AMAZING Coach,with a lot of experience. And his wing man Brady, is the best QB… Attach them to an amazing offense…AND Gronky,Hernandez, and Welker…thats a bunch of winners.

3) Revenge is on the Patriots minds…I see this game being a heart attack stuck in a tv… It’s going to be an extremely close close game… and will fluctuate back and forth, but in the end, it’s the Patriots all the way baby!

Jeez,im so excited about the game! I have gone to bed yet..its 8 30am lol.. So, this blog isn’t as good as I wanted it to be..I just can’t think straight!

I may come back later to fix it!

lol yeah, im coming back for this ..can’t keep eyes open!

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